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Since I work in the video surveillance business Black Jaleel Johnson Jersey , I frequently get the opportunity to experience all kinds of new video surveillance technology before it is publically available. Even though the Avermedia NV3000 DVR Card is not what you would call the latest and greatest in DVR card technology, it is still pretty darn cool none the less. With this being said I set off to the shipping warehouse where we have all of our various kinds of DVR Card products. This time I choose to give you my candid and forthcoming review and evaluation of the Avermedia NV3000 DVR Card.

First of all I normally work with all of the various kinds of Geovision DVR Cards, so for me, it is a relief to put my hands on something that is different for a change. To start, the NV3000 DVR Card is packaged in a very attractive box that is just as nice Black Pat Elflein Jersey , if not nicer than the Geovision retail box design. As unimportant as it really is, it sports lots of cool graphics and attractive colors. Upon opening the box you are presented with a NV3000 user’s manual. The funny thing about this user’s manual is that it is pretty thick. I would say that it is a quarter of an inch thick – however it is written in 16 different languages such as Thai, Turkish, Slovak as well as the English language section being all of 7 pages long.

You hear me right. The user’s manual portion, which is written for English speakers is only 7 pages long. The only things that are covered in those 7 pages is an explanation of what the buttons in the users interface are for. That’s it. (These are the kinds of reasons that we really promote the GeoVision DVR Card brand)

The hardware in this case is the 4 port NV3000 dvr card that operates at 30 frames per second Black Dalvin Cook Jersey , which would be the equivalent to the Geovision gv-600. The NV3000 however supports many of the more popular and required features such as PTZ cameras, motion detected recording, intelligent privacy protection, auto recycling, pre and post event recording among other things. Some of the more extracurricular things that you can do would be just like you would find in the Geovision or NUUO products. POS integration is available Danielle Hunter Jersey , email and voice modem callout alerts, and remote view on your PDA.

With all of this aside I installed the NV3000 in my office computer and loaded the software to see what it’s all about. After about 30 minutes of setting up and configuring the dvr card system, I come to the realization that this is what I would call a good, simple DVR Card. It has no fancy features like what you would see in the Geovision product line. However, this DVR Card does a good job of recording and doesn’t confuse the user with tons of other settings.
To break it down Eric Kendricks Jersey , I would recommend the NV3000 dvr card to anyone that wants a good, reliable, & cheap dvr card. It is very stable and I have never heard of any of them crashing. If fact, I would dare say that they are more stable than the Geovision dvr cards. The NV3000 are a good value for your money if you need video surveillance for your home or small office.

If you or yourself are interested in supplementing your home security with dvr cards in your home, please visit www.DVRKits.They experienced in Avermedia DVR Cards and are happy to help you protect your investments.

You take a dip in it Trae Waynes Jersey , make laps on them and dive on them. You feel so relaxed and refreshed after every bath. At the same time, you feel so safe to enjoy the water on your body. These things are probably some of the best things that you benefit from your backyard swimming pool. However, have you ever wondered what made them like that?

Swimming pools are made up of various systems for them to work accordingly. No matter what kind you have, these systems should be present. Without them, there will be no way of controlling your water and making them safe.

Safety is one of our main concerns in having a pool. Aside from the fact that you do not want it to be accident prone Laquon Treadwell Jersey , you also want to make sure that no one gets ill from swimming on it. No one wants to swim in the pools and gets various skin diseases the next day. Since safety is important, chemicals are added in the water because they are very effective in fighting microorganisms in your pool. However, excessive use can alter the ph and can be hazardous for swimming. That is proper filtration is also important.

No matter what kind of pool you have, (may it be the oldest type or the most modern ones with pebble pool finish) this system is one that performs the most vital roles in its operations. It is simply because it keeps your water clean. You cannot guarantee a 100 percent clean water at all times because whether you like it or not, dust Ben Gedeon Jersey , leaves and residues from swimmers stay on it. It is even more evident in outdoor swimming pools because it is even more vulnerable to almost everything. You can have most extreme dirt from outside.

How does it affect your pool? Well first, removing all sorts of debris will prevent discoloring your water. Having additional materials to react with the chemicals on your water can lead to loosing that beautiful blue waters that you enjoy a lot. Second, the presence of non pool related materials could result to abnormal ph of the water. This can make it either acidic or alkalotic that could lead to various finish problems. Thus, it can accelerate your resurfacing procedures that can be an additional cost. When water passes the filtration system, this non pool related materials are then removed from the water before it goes back to your swimming pool. Even the fresh water used to replace the lost amounts pass this system.

Having a good working filter system is one of the biggest things that you need to ensure in pool operation. It keeps your plaster Jaleel Johnson Jersey , tile, or even pebble pool finish at their best. On top of that, when used together with chemicals, you .

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